Tennis Mini

Tennis Mini: From  children 3½ years old

If your child would like to practice a sport, our mini tennis is an activity that will suit him or her perfectly well.

From the early age of 3, when  everything is a game,  children can discover this  interesting sport though different workshops . Games will be used to develop  a coordinated response. We use learning materials which are adapted for children:  small rackets, foam balls, soft balls, etc.)

Your child will have the best possible set up to debute in tennis with a small field and  a low net.

tennis From one hour per week. From the end of September to the end of June (depending the school calendar).
tennis Different groups depending on the level and age of your child. We also have different time-tables to suit  your child’s free time.

tennis At the end of the academic year FFT balls will pass and awards will be given.

tennis It is possible to catch up with missed courses.

Timetable: after school on weekdays and the whole day on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.