Kids & Teens

KIDS 7 – 11  /  TEENAGERS 12 – 18

We help learn and improve all the tennis skills up to any level.

All the aspects and techniques will be studied during the year:  techniques(forehand, backhand, serve, volley, smash, etc.),  tactics, fitness.

Tennis is a game as it should be: but it is also a discipline, a sport which develops certain qualities like perseverance, respect and self confidence.


LEVELS :  never played- beginner- intermediate- advanced- very advanced.

From one hour a week from the end of September till the end of June (depending on School calendar).

Different groups depending on the level and age of your child. We also have different time-tables to suit  your child’s free time.

It is possible to catch up with missed courses.


tennis-parisTournaments proposed for the more advanced groups.

tennis-parisTimetable: after school on weekdays and the whole day on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

tennis-parisEach course is run by a professional tennis coach. The educational programme is adapted to suit your child’s age and level, keeping up an intense motivation and a pleasure to play.

tennis-parisIt is also possible to have INDIVIDUAL LESSONS- RENT A COURT-  TOURNAMENTS